Mommy & I Brand Rep


 Want to earn a discount by being a Mommy & I Rep? 

We love seeing your outfits, accessories and custom items through Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! We will be having photo contests, which will allow us to find new models for all areas!

Find us at mommyandiboutique on Insta and follow us to participate in the next contest! 

Your Photos

The photos on your Instagram account should be high quality, eye-catching photos. We are looking for photos that can be featured on our website, as well as stand out on Instagram. Photos should be bright, colorful, and crisp. You don’t have to be a pro photographer, but some knowledge of photography is helpful! Make sure the products you are featuring are clear and in focus, and not covered by your child’s hands or other objects.

Your Instagram Account

We will want you to share our products with all your followers, and we will also share your account with our followers, so your account is very important. It should be:

  • Professional /Appropriate
  • Consistent
  • Public

You may want to create an account just for Brand Repping rather than use an account you already have for personal posts. We will expect you to share posts about our specials and sales, as well as photos of our products. You don’t have to have a lot of followers to get picked as a Brand Rep, although we do take it into consideration.


Mommy & I Boutique continues to look for local models!
Please email us a picture of your child to
Please include:
1. Childs name
2. Childs age
3. City/State of residence (we are located in Michigan)
4. A phone number to contact you at if you are chosen.
Thank you!  :)